Questions forwarded by the Coalition of Women for Peace, a feminist NGO from Israel.

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Subject: [CWJP] Re: Hiroshima and Depleted Uranium

I understand from the materials sent that (1) Depleted Uranium is widely used in conventional weapons as coating and armor piercing material. (2) this material is radioactive and toxic to humans and the environment.

(1) is widely documented and admitted by "officials", including in Israel.
(2) is known from reports of soldiers and civilians who suffer from the after effects of bombings, and mostly denied by "officials". 

my questions - to however knows anything about it or knows where I can find answers:

a. how depleted is the depleted uranium used here? i.e., what is the % of U235 in the alloy?
b. the same question in another form: how radioactive is the damn thing? because if I remember my physics, U238 is considered "safe" for human handling, below hazardous levels. and this is the "official" excuse. 
c. or is it the inhalation of particles that makes what little gamma radiation there is so much more potent?
d. or maybe it is toxic also for some other reasons, and not only radioactivity?

thanks for your help


Coalition of Women for a Just Peace
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