Bush is Only a Symptom of the Disease

People are coming to New York City from across America to denounce the Bush administration.
But Bush is only a symptom of the disease. We need to think beyond the elections.

A new world is being born, propelled into existence by the technology that is revolutionizing the economy. The real question is, who will shape that new world? Will the mass of the people shape it, and use the new technology to liberate themselves? Or will it be defined by the tiny class of billionaires that now controls our society? If the billionaires define it, then we face a high-tech slavery. If the people shape this new world, then we can build a free and just society that will guarantee all of us what we need to lead full, cultured lives.

Only a massive political movement, independent of the billionaire class and its politicians, can bring about the change that is needed. That movement is now developing, but it is scattered and unclear about the root of the problem and who the real enemy is. We who want to chart a new course in our country must join together to educate, invigorate and unleash this movement. The power to determine the outcome is in our hands.  Let's talk.

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