Got out yesterday (23rd) in an attempt to selvage the Aug. butterfly statistics but it's slow going.

White sp. - several
Sulphur sp, incl. orange sulphurs - several
C. Ringlets - many
Monarch - l female nectaring on goldenrod and white asters.  In area entire hour I was there, but was fresh and alone!
Crescent sp - several
C. Wood Nymph - 1
Frit sp flybys - 2
N. Pearly Eyed - 1

BUT did also ID my first probable Lance Tipped Darner dragonfly.    I had long, close up views and drew pictures.  When I got back to check my book, I was not able to id it immediately as I believe it was the yellow form, female which is not pictured.  The ID marks that struck me immediately were the yellow lateral thorax lines, the markings on the segments, the LONG, leaf like cerci, and the amber colored wings with larger, rectangle stigma marks.  The eyes and body were brown, no eye color as in D thru B.   Is there a website where I might find other pictures of this species?   This species was seen near a wetland area clinging to a 'gone to seed' parsnip plant about eye level.

Many large dragonflies (darners?) were flying yesterday, mostly high and fast. 

Also located a tenacious song sparrow feeding young!


Charlie & Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset, Vermont