Your photos are SPECTACULAR.  Thanks for sending us to your webpage as it
is a great learning experience looking at such detailed picts.   The
comparision of Hickory and Banded is very helpful.

I suppose the absence of butterfly flight is as important to report as
flight activity.  When you don't see many cabbage whites you know the
populations are down!!

Out today and saw:

Monarch 1 female
Black Swallowtail - 2
E. Comma - 1
Ringlets - several
Summer Azure - 1
Common Wood Nymphs - 3
Crescent species - 2
Dun - 1 positive, prob. other amoung several dark skippers seen
Frit species - prob. Great Spangled
Sulphur species - 2

Haven't seen any of those specialities shown on your web page - yet!  Esp.
the ones from MI!