I made my first site visit to Cold Hollow 5 priority block. I had planned to go into Avery's Gore Wildlife Management area but couldn't find any roads in to it. My husband knew of  an old logging road to beaver ponds with native trout up in the mountains just south of Avery's Gore off Route 118 so we went there. Almost the entire steep hike was in the shade due to mountains, tall trees and low morning sun. In a little sunny valley where the beaver pond were, I found some butterflies. Cabbage White-4, ?Atlantis Fritillary-2, Sulpher-2, Common Ringlet-6, Monarch-1, Silver Bordered Fritillary-8. I also saw my first leopard Frog.I will send in 4 vouchers. ps to Brian Pfeiffer- I have only 2 glassine envelopes left. I was thinking they would come with the voucher cards you sent but did only ask for cards oops. Could I please have a bunch maybe 20. Thanks