I understand your request as this is a family-oriented site and, while
I enjoyed the "girl from Burlington" link, it may not belong on the
List.  In the poster's defence, it was a link to a national periodical
that is not considered nrop by most people.

In my defence, I do not consider the link to Durex any more
inappropriate than some of the innuendo posted earlier in topic and in
other threads, if not less so.  Since someone (Nasoj?) complained that
tinyurls did not give an indication to the nature of a site, I have
tried to include both a full link and a tinyurl.  In this case, I
intentionally listed the full link first.  Condoms, other forms of
birth-control and safe sex are not pornography and have been discussed
in my schools from 5th grade through university.

Others take?

--Matt K.

On Fri, 6 Aug 2004 13:50:56 -0400, Tom Gilmartin
<[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I respectfully request the cessation of including links to inappropriate material in the posts on SkiVT-L.  I know it's summer and I even agree it's funny, but twice now (something about a girl from Burlington a couple weeks ago and yesterday the durex thing) I have clicked on a URL on a message and been taken somewhere that could get me in trouble.  Yeah, I could read the URLs more carefully (not when you use the tinyurl thing), but as a self policing list with many users reading at work, do others agree that such links should not be posted here?
> Thanks for your opinions,
> Mr Mogul

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