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. I think
my S.O. would also struggle and be unhappy. I'm not taking him skiing with
me next year. Just me and Pam. I have much more fun skiing with her. We ski
the same stuff and there's no whining and lots of laughs, grins and
giggles. Funny how a 54 yr old man who spent 23 yrs in the army and 2 years
in Alaska can whine so much. It's mostly about being cold and tired (or, "I
can't see", "my hotronix batteries have worn out", or "I can't ski
bumps/trees this steep, I'm taking a groomer"). I guess that's why he's
my "old man". After last season, I decided that I'll send him to the
Bahamas to go scuba diving and I'll go skiing with those that are more like-
minded. I don't want us to waste money on him doing something that doesn't
make him happy.

----------------------Someday you will be 54 young lady.   Isn't he a smoker??  It can make a difference.  A lot of it is attitude.  If it's really something that interests you  I think you don't notice the less pleasant aspects surrounding what you are involved in.  Is his reaction to conditions consistent all along since you have known him?  Has he grown out of his love for skiing or is his attitude the same now as it has been all along?  Some people are fair weather golfers and others can't let a day go by without golfing even if it's raining or snowing. 

I love my man, but I really don't love taking him on ski vacation with me
too much, unless there's a group of less-than-expert skiers for him to hang
out with (like when we went to Banff, KMS, Fernie). I would rather go with
the more hard-core skiers and he would prefer the other.!

---------------------------------Be careful you don't love ski vacations _more_ than your man.  You might think of taking some less than four diamond runs with him occasionally.  But if he really doesn't care and just sends you on your way with the checkbook and says have fun then what the heck.  Maybe you should dump him and lock up with some 25 year old noo skool corporate sponsored stud who can take you with him all over the world on his movie shoots. 


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