Thanks for the info, especially since I really didn't know too much about
Forum or Jennyus.  Rumors about that they might turn them into price-point
brands, so who knows, next year we might be able to buy Forum boards at

Either way, I think the industry is going to have to make some changes in
the future or lose a lot of riders.  The feedback I see from kids is that
a lot of them want step-ins to go away because they think the people who
ride them are old, fat, and lazy.  Whenever I hear that I think, get back
to me in ten or twenty years kid.  What are you gonna do when you've put
on a few pounds and it just becomes such a pain in the ssa to have been
over ever friggin run and strap in.  Start skiing?  I really think the
market for step-ins is going to increase as the average age of the
snowboarding population does.

There's a reach niche market just waiting to be catered to.  Note to self:
if nobody steps up in the couple of years, I'm gonna start a snowboarding
company targeting middle-age guys.  Who's in?  :)

- Chris

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:52:19 -0400, Jason Ross <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>The question came up recently about Burton and their acquisition of
>Forum / Jeenyus, and if they could work that into marketing a brand to
>the non-freestyle rider.
>It would be really, really tough in this circumstance.  Forum is an
>extremely freestyle oriented brand, perhaps the leader of the freestyle
>movement.  Jeenyus was spun off of Forum in an attempt to bring in the
>hard-core freestyler who wants an even more underground image.  Moving
>either of those two brands away from freestyle would kill them.  People
>like me won't think of looking to those brands for freeride gear.  And
>they'd lose their old target market if they did.
>So, could the Big B move away from freestyle and back to their roots as
>a freeride company?  Perhaps... but it would be risky for the biggest
>manufacturer to abandon the flashiest market.  Perhaps they should...
>they've been diluting their brand a lot lately, and going through cost
>cutting measures.
>Does someone with some good knowledge of the other brands know what K2
>has done.  Now that they have K2, Liquid, Ride, 5150, and Morrow... it
>seems like they should be able to market their label to different groups
>pretty easily.  Have they?  I know next to nothing about any of those
>My knowledge consists mainly of reading the mags, the local companies
>(Burton and Rome), and the little freeride oriented guys (Prior, Catek,
>Arbor, etc).
>Jason - "redraobwons"
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