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>I can't believe I read to the bottom of this one but . . .
>Who on this list has woken up to Interlodge in LCC and boarded a chair as
>the first cars are just coming up the recently opened road.

Me Me Me!!!!!!! It was an epic day at Snowbird!! 2' of fresh snow. We were
locked in until 10ish. We got to each lift as it opened. Freshies on
Regulator Johnson first thing! We got a killer deal at the Cliff Lodge and
it was way worth it. But yes, it was a 7 day trip from the east. Sure if I
lived there, it wouldn't be such a big deal. I will see my friend today and
I will tell him that if he is living in SLC he'll get plenty of freshies on
the weekdays. He's a trustafarian, so he doesn't have to work...just ski.

I found that freshies at Whitewater were so much less stressful. Not such a
race with everyone else to get them. They were there all day long and kept
refreshing. No competition.

I think I have him convinced to move to Nelson next year. I think he'll
really appreaciate it after spending a winter in SLC.


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