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>Whistler Pros:
>1.  !Wow! skiing factor, with 1600 acres of new terrain added this year
>2.  Pretty much guaranteed early snow
>3.  Awesome accomodations, food, and service
>4.  Heli option
>5.  The best trip in the universe for couples and NSUs.
>Whistler Cons:
>1. Somewhat pricey in comparison to some skivt-l trips
>2. Been there/done that
>3. Modest flight booking and border hassles
>4. Dining timing/menu too structured/fancy for some tastes
>5. Fake village atmosphere may be offputting to some

Just curious why Whistler is the best trip for couples? What does that mean?

I will not be able to make this trip this year. Though I would love to ski
the awesome terrain at Whistler I've heard so much about, I do find the
fake-village off-putting, fancy/structured meals do not interest me,
touristy stuff doesn't interest me much, could care less about shopping
opportunities, price is always an issue, can't afford heli-skiing.

This year I'm going to the Grand Canyon for a paddling trip for 3 weeks in
March. While I am bummed about missing the best month of skiing, it will be
a trip of a lifetime. I will sneak in 3 days in Utah before I meet the
group in New Mexico so at least I'll get in a little western skiing before
the season's over. Red/Whitewater/Valhalla in 2006!!


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