hmmm, unless something's changed, that map doesn't show the whole picture.

In my experience, I only get good reception on my Cingular service in the
major VT cities, ski resorts and the Mad River Valley (only just this last
year). Anywhere in between is sketchy (due to the mountains).  Sometimes I
get reception, but I cannot dial out on Cingular. I'll get a Verizon signal
and James Earl Jones comes on and asks me to enter a credit card # to make
a call.

At Jay Peak, I get the Canadian towers and end up being charged for
international calls. I had to call Cingular and tell them that I was never
in Canada, and they usually gave me a credit.

I imagine things have improved over the last 2 yrs. I was surprised to get
a good signal on German Flats Rd last year. That was a first!


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