Cell towers go where the money is.  Of course the coverage is good at
K-mart.  It's good at Stowe too.
Any where in between.  Bend over and kiss your a$$ goodbye.
It's been a few years since I worked in the cellular industry, I still
know the business.


Geoff Devine wrote:

>I realize Kmart is south of the Doogie line and half-way to Live Free or
>Die status but GSM works just fine at Killington.  People with T-Mobile GSM
>phones roam onto the RCC network and Cingular also has a roaming agreement
>with RCC.  Last time I saw a number, Rural Cellular Corp (Unicel) had 51
>GSM/GPRS cell sites running in Vermont and they're in the process of
>converting their entire coverage area in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
>to GSM using Ericsson gear.  They've completed 1 year of a 5 year upgrade
>schedule so GSM coverage in northern New England might be spotty for a

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