Chris Henry wrote:

>This is mostly directed to all the snowboarders on the list (all four or
>five of them.) So I started to get my catalogs of this seasons gear,
>including Burton's which I have to say they did a great job on.
Hmmm... my Burton catalog hasn't arrived yet, and there aren't any in
town, either (Burton Factory Store or other shops).  Lucky you.

>  Over the
>summer I got a pair of bindings with the capstap, which is a modified toe
>stap that is designed to cup the toe of your boot and also pull it back into
>the binding.
I haven't ridden any of the cap-strap bindings yet, but other people
have.  There doesn't seem to be any negatives associated with them, and
they aren't going to cause the costs to go up, so why not?  We'll see if
there's more wear on the new straps since they are more exposed.

>  Burton's also got a binding that's a combination strap and
>step-in, which seems interesting.  It's nice to see that there's still some
>innovation going on.
Did you notice how the "old" step in system is almost completely gone?
One boot, one binding.  I haven't seen the new hybrid binding in person,
but I cannot believe it's anything but a solution looking for a
problem.  Bindings are simple, keep them that way.  Put the research
towards making straps that don't break.

> Anyone planning on throwing down some dough on any new
>gear this year?
I went to the tent sale this past weekend.  The board selection seemed a
little smaller than in the past years.  They were selling last season's
high end step in, paired with boots for $50 (step-ins are dead).  I
meant to post something with some tent sale hints before it happened,
but I forgot.  :)  As usual, Friday was a zoo.  And, as usual, they kept
sneaking new stuff under the tent as the weekend went on.  Some of the
desireable stuff wasn't there on Friday, but was on Sunday.  I'm sure
they have a plan, I just don't know what it is.  :)

I didn't get anything from the tent, but I did get some of the new 2005
stuff.  A Malolo 58.  It's a less fishy fish.  Instead of the stance
being 3 inches back from center, it's 2 inches back.  Instead of 30mm of
taper, it's got 20mm of taper.  Time, and riding it, will tell if it's
as great as it could be, or just okay.  I'm not sure how the quivver of
three will work out.  I've got the Arbor, which is a great conventional
freeride board.  I've got the Fish which is a great tree / pow board.
And the Malolo is somewhere inbetween.  But, is there a need for an
inbetween?  Probably not.  So, either the Malolo will marginalize the
other two boards to the point where I'm riding the Malolo 90% of the
time and hardly ever break out the others.  Or, I'll stick with the Fish
and Arbor and hardly ever ride the Malolo.

I also bought some new bindings to put on it.  Burton Cartels.  They
look to be the hat seller this season.  Positioned between the Mission
(the old can't go wrong binding) and the P1 (the new feature laden
binding).  I think the Cartels are the current sweet spot in the price /
performance category.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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