Leigh Daboll wrote:

So, I've listed some pros and cons of each trip below for your

Whistler Pros:
1.  !Wow! skiing factor, with 1600 acres of new terrain added this year
2.  Pretty much guaranteed early snow
3.  Awesome accomodations, food, and service
4.  Heli option
5.  The best trip in the universe for couples and NSUs.

Whistler Cons:
1. Somewhat pricey in comparison to some skivt-l trips
2. Been there/done that
3. Modest flight booking and border hassles
4. Dining timing/menu too structured/fancy for some tastes
5. Fake village atmosphere may be offputting to some

Orgon Pros:
1. Tons of varied terrain to explore at three new-to-skivt-l resorts
2. Slightly less expensive
3. Three real skier's mountains
4. Wonderfully expansive glades at Bachelor and a unique lodge at Timberline
5. Dirt cheap flights into Portland

Oregon Cons:
1. Possibly a little less powder
2. Accomodations/service will not equal Whistler
3. Group rental van or bus required to visit and move between resorts
4. Couples may find it less of a touristy experience with less shopping
5.  No Canadian $$ discount.

Anyone care to share their thoughts with the list before I start planning?


---End Quote---

I've skied Whistler several times, Hood a couple of times, and Bachelor
once.  Some of my thoughts:

There really is no comparison on skiing challenge.  Hood and Bachelor are
good - for Oregon.  Whistler has some of the best lift-served terrain on
planet Earth; it draws skiers from all over the continent, and many from the
far East.

Bend is a fun little town.  Our family, split between two coasts, has been
there many times, and we are in the planning stages of another family trip
there this December.  It made the list because we all like it so much.
Can't say the same about Whistler, much as I wish I could.  As for your
"couples" point:  for this member of a couple, I'll take the Bend atmosphere
over Whistler's.

Whistler has a French flavor (no political aspect intended...really), and
flows with eniw.  Bend, however, is the world leader in werborcim
technology; it is the Ur, the rift valley, the Garden of Eden, for those
dark darlings.

--David Merfeld

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