Monday, I reached the parking lot, shortly before Upper Works, just
after 5 p.m, by six, I was hiking.  It took two, relatively painless
hours to reach the Bradley Pond Lean-to.  The worst part, indeed of
the whole trip, was the last stretch before reaching camp--it was a
muddy mess.

The goal for yesterday was to conquer the Santanoni Range, which
consists of three trailless peaks, Panther (~4.4k'), Couchsachraga
(~3.8k'--the lowest of 46) and Santanoni (~4.6k').  Truth be told, the
herd paths are well defined, though false paths do lurk.

I headed up Panther Brook and over to Panther with some of my lean-to
mates, however, they planned were planning on a more leisurely day, so
I parted ways and headed to the dreaded "Couch."  Fortunately, Times
Square was not much of a mystery to me thanks to a wonderful schematic
diagram that I discovered on  An uneventful,
quick, 2.25 hour trip to Couch and back later and I was standing in
Times Square again and on my way to Santanoni.

By the time I had bagged Santanoni, a French Quebec/Abenaki
bastardization of Saint Anthony, I was beginning to tire and was
pretty thirsty (when I do the Seward and Dix ranges I'll definitely
bring more than two quarts).

The views were mediocre at best due to a thick haze, but who, at least
in the Northeast, hikes for the views?  Fortunately, save for a very
brief and very light sprinkle the rain and lightning stayed away while
I was up high.

After descending from the range back to the lean-to, I had a bit of
coffee and beef jerky while enjoying the fire Erik and Nate, my
lean-to mates, had built.  Then it was time to huff it back to my car
and home.

On the way out an electrical storm moved in and treated me to a nice
and thorough washing.  When you are on your way home, these can be
very enjoyable treats.

Only 17 more to go.

--Matt K.

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