On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 09:42, Evan Osler wrote:

> As well as a feature blurb on the Middlebury Snow Bowl. Nothing too
> informative here -- but it does mention that Mackey and the Boys are
> expanding the trail map glades both lengthwise and widthwise.

Whoa. What's Powder doing writing about the Snow Bowl? I never would
have expected that.

I hadn't heard about the glade project. I would have expected that lodge
renovations were taking up most the staff's attention this summer. (For
those who haven't heard, the Snow Bowl lodge is getting a long-overdue
expansion. Race days next winter should be slightly less sardine-like
experiences as a result. See or

I'm not sure how much glade expansion they could do, given the
topography of the existing glades. They'll probably expand into the
"unofficial" glades off Ross and Proctor that we've been skiing for the
past few years.

> Now if they'd only stop clipping tickets from the jackets of Wayne's
> Worry poachers...

Don't hold your breath. As much as I enjoy watching the occasional
scofflaws fling themselves off the rocks under the lift, we're really
only talking about, what, four turns? It's not worth the hassle, when
it's easy to find comparable terrain that's open over at MRG.

Over the years, the Snow Bowl has had a clear and consistent philosophy
of catering to their clientele, which is, in order of importance:

1. Middlebury College racers (if not for the college ski team, the Snow
Bowl would not exist)
2. Other racers
3. Families and kids
4. Everyone else (including Wayne's Worry poachers)

BTW, Wayne's Worry actually denotes the bypass around the cliff band
under the lift, not the closed-off area itself. Wayne was one of the
snowcat drivers. Apparently he wasn't too fond of driving his snowcat on
that pitch. Fortunately, they don't try any more. :-)

Dave G.

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