Cingular sells a multi-network (GAIT) phone which blows away most of the
competition. It covers about 95% of the U.S and the phone has an external
antennae jack for even better reception in tough situations. I use the
regular Cingular Nation wide plan, not the GAIT phone, and coverage is O.K
anywhere in the megalopolis of the Eastern Seaboard, but the mountain areas
of N.Y, VT, NH, and ME are sketchy.  The GAIT phone is only useable with the
multi network service plan. - Stuart Cole

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Subject: [SKIVT-L] Cingular Reception in Northern New England?

> My office cell phone pool was just switched over to Cingular.
> My personal cell phone (lots of wkend/night minutes, but limited anytime
> minutes) is AT&T, and when I used an office cell phone previously, I
> typically took one of the AT&T phones (with the other previous options
> being Nextel & Sprint).  Although I understand that Verizon is supposed to
> be the champion of mountainous cell phone reception, I've had pretty good
> coverage with AT&T.
> So the main question is, when I take a day off from work to go skiing in
> Northern New England, and bring an office phone (so that an unexpected
> hour client call doesn't exhaust the entire monthly anytime allowance on
> personal phone), what kind of coverage can I expect from Cingular?
> Since the phone is a GSM-only LG C1300, the answer from this map:

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