Several weeks ago, Lew Lasher spoke of the proposed development of Trapp
land. A pertinent letter from the Stowe Conservation Commission is
printed in the current Stowe Reporter. <full text below>


- Bruno

Adams parcel protection urged
To the Editor,

The Stowe Conservation Commission believes the portion of the Trapp
Family Lodge land holdings within the Ranch Valley area, the former
Adams property, has many significant recreational, historical, and
ecological values. The property is one of the last large privately owned
undeveloped land parcels in Stowe. The parcel is adjacent to thousands
of acres of protected land and would make a tremendous addition to
Stowe’s natural legacy. The entire community has an interest in what the
von Trapp family decides to do with this precious resource.

It has come to our understanding that there is a possibility that this
property might be conserved through a collaborative effort among local
conservation groups and interested persons. The Conservation Commission
strongly endorses these efforts and would gladly lend assistance towards
the goal of permanently protecting the property. We would like to
commend Johannes von Trapp for his willingness to listen to, and work
with, community leaders on this endeavor.

We believe that if all members of a community can work together in the
spirit of mutual trust and cooperation, we can accomplish great things.
Preserving this parcel of land can be one of them.

Stowe Conservation Commission
Current members
Bruce Bell,
Jack Daggitt, Christine Donovan
George Gay, Bruce Harmon
David Jaqua, Jan Reynolds

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