LA-Sharon writes:
> Just curious why Whistler is the best trip for couples? What does
> that mean?

I think it depends on the skill level of the two people.  4 years ago, I
took my girlfriend to Whistler for some pre-Christmas skiing.  At the time,
she was at advanced intermediate-low expert level on skis and had minimal
experience above the tree line.  We hit big dumps of heavy snow with lots
of flat light and she really struggled with it.  This December, she'll
still be unhappy about skiing by brail in flat light (I whine too) but
pitch, bumps, and deep snow are no longer an issue.  We both prefer Mt.
Baker since it gets so much less traffic and because the huge gobs of snow
and high snowboarder density make for less bumps on the steeps.  If there's
enough snow in the interior, we'll likely hit the Okanagan and skip
Whistler completely.

For a non-skiing unit, I suppose Whistler village is a better prison than
most ski resorts if you go for that Disney paper maché faux village thing.
Their restaurants are expensive and low quality compared to what you can
get 2 hours away in Vancouver.  I'd rather do my bar crawls among
professionals at Kmart than at amateur hour at Whistler.  The high end
shopping is fine if you're into that kind of thing.  I managed to find a
Bogner jacket my mom had been trying to find on the east coast that got me
huge Xmas present brownie points but I rarely buy anything in that village
for myself beyond logo rugby and flog shirts.  Personally, I think the only
redeeming quality of Whistler Village is the quality of the sushi due to
their large Japanese tourist market.  I liked the place much better back in
the 1980's when the Whistler side was all slow lifts and the village was
only a few dozen buildings.


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