I'm sure we're not alone in getting mixed results from various SP2
upgrades?  We've seen it break the Novell Netware client, Adobe Acrobat
5.x, and now on a Dell Latitude D600 caused the sound to quit

Here's what I've done thus far:

Checked all the bozo stuff: cables, power, volumes, etc - nothing
Checked Device Manager, everything's hunky dory according to Windows
Checked Sound manager defaults, ditto
Upgraded driver to latest available from Dell site, no change
Removed and allowed hardware manager to rediscover the SigmaTel AC97
sound chipset, no change.

The machine was cheerfully playing a Grateful Dead CD prior (and
actually during SP2 upgrade) but is now completely silent post reboot
on both internal and external speakers.

I hesitate to remove SP2 because we've seen that process strip out ALL
hardware specific drivers on a D600, requiring a full rebuild.

Any thoughts?  Please CC me directly as I have IT-Discuss on digest
mode (thus a 24 hour lag)

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