Andrew Hendrickson wrote:
> I'm sure we're not alone in getting mixed results from various SP2
> upgrades?  We've seen it break the Novell Netware client, Adobe Acrobat
> 5.x, and now on a Dell Latitude D600 caused the sound to quit
> completely.

I installed SP2 as soon as it was available on my D600 and have
encountered no such difficulty.

> Here's what I've done thus far:
> Checked all the bozo stuff: cables, power, volumes, etc - nothing
> Checked Device Manager, everything's hunky dory according to Windows
> Checked Sound manager defaults, ditto
> Upgraded driver to latest available from Dell site, no change
> Removed and allowed hardware manager to rediscover the SigmaTel AC97
> sound chipset, no change.

Those are all good troubleshooting steps. Have you run any hardware

Geoffrey Duke

Computing & Information Technology
University of Vermont