J. Greg Mackinnon wrote:

> I am forwarding the latest quarterly lifecycle support newsletter from
> Microsoft.  You may note that support for Windows XP RTM ("SP 0")
> expires THIS MONTH, not next month, as I stated in a message earlier
> today.

Hey, that's useful information.  Thanks for sharing.

In light of this news, I think the answer to my earlier
question is YES (for machines running XP SP0).
These should get a service pack if continued
Windows Updates are desired.

And to (recklessly) continue the SP2 discussion,
I ran across these interesting bits yesterday:

A survey on SP2 install expriences:


"Microsoft this week reiterated that it would keep
the new version of Microsoft's IE Web browser
available only as part of the recently released
Windows XP operating system, Service Pack 2...."


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