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> It was brought up at our staff meeting yesterday that IE in SP2 actually
> doesn't work properly in WebCT
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> Can you please explain this with some details of what appears to be broken ?
> I've used ...
>         IE SP2
>         FoxFire 1.0 Preview
> Both work successfully on SP2 which I've run since before the semester
> began.

I guess this is what I get for sticking my neck out.
I do not know the specifics. I requested the person who brought them up to post
them here... don't make me call you out... ;)

> Despite the security issues addressed in SP2, there are still adware /
> malware / scumware programs that can break both windows, IE, and make life
> in WebCT miserable.
> When folks - students, faculty, staff - are having problems with weird WebCT
> behavior, we suggst they call the helpline (802) 656-2604, and ask for
> assistance in cleaning up the computer.

Other than the fact that you can't uninstall IE and that it's basically forced
on users, is there a reason why we don't suggest FireFox (or others) over IE by
default. Are there still people who actually believe IE is a better browser?

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