Hey Marsha.. is your abdominal duplex book published yet?  I have been trying to access it through a medical bookstore here in Houston that carries a lot of vascular technology books and can't seem to find it.  Does amazon .com have it?
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Thanks, Michael.  It was great to finally meet you, too. As always, we really enjoyed New Zealand and can hardly wait for a return visit!
The RAR can be used if the aortic peak systolic velocity is > 40 cm/sec, but < 100 cm/sec.  If outside this range, you may under or overcall the % stenosis in the renal artery.  Consider a renal velocity of 140 cm/sec and an aortic velocity of 120 cm/sec.  With an aortic velocity of 30 cm/sec, the RAR would be 4.6. Consider a renal artery velocity of 190 cm/sec . With an aortic velocity of 130, the RAR would be 1.5.
Hope that this clarifies.

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