I just tried to do the sign-up for the SonoWorld site, and there's a
glitch in the information page that I can't get around.  I'd like to
have participated, but I only have so much time to negotiate the hoops
that some web sites ask one to jump through.

I wonder if I'm the only person in the whole world who is absolutely
fed up with web sites that insist that you have a user name and
password to get in, for no apparent reason. I suspect not.

Don Ridgway
Grossmont Hospital
Grossmont College

On Sep 8, 2004, at 5:42 PM, Larry Waldroup wrote:

> Congratulations to everyone who got the correct answer to the Vascular
> Case-of-the-Week.  As expected, the FlowNet group dominated with the
> correct answers.  Although the pathology is relatively uncommon, the
> presentation was close to classic so those who had seen it before got
> it right away.  The answer and a discussion of the case is available
> from the SonoWorld home page at  (look for the link
> to "Answer to previous COW").  The names of those who got the correct
> diagnosis are on the winners page.  Nobody has achieved two in a row
> so far-- maybe this week?
> The new case is both easier and more difficult. Easier because it's a
> carotid case and the pathology is more common, and more difficult
> because you will have to be paying close attention to recognize the
> classic "sign" that is present in the images.
> Good luck with the new case.  If you have a great case that would
> challenge and educate your colleagues, please consider sharing it
> through SonoWorld.
> Regards
> Larry
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