Seema, I recognize that the temptation is strong to get the word out to such a focused group of people in terms of marketing your business.  At times it's difficult for me, as a list owner, to determine when the line has been crossed.  The only way to be absolutely consistant is to close the list and moderate it, which is something I haven't got the time or the interest to do.  To prevent Flownet from being peppered by "commercials" I ask you to please refrain from overt advertising.  Please contact individuals directly, not through the entire group.
Thank you for respecting the academic nature of the list.  Good luck with your company.
Steve Knight
List Owner
UVM Flownet
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Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: vascular centers

I wish you luck with your vascular center project.  When you're ready to purchase equipment for this project, please give me a call.  I can save you considerable investment dollars.  My company sells new and certified pre-owned ultrasound equipment, CT, MRI, and x-ray.
Our company is called ASHA Medical Solutions.  Our phone number is 602-206-0641.  We offer very competitive pricing and full warranties. 
Good luck with your venture!
Seema Leos, RVT
Vice President
ASHA Medical Solutions
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