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TO:     All UVM Undergraduate Students and Faculty

FROM:   Bob Pepperman Taylor
        Dean, Honors College

        Richard Galbraith
        Chair, Research, Scholarship, and Graduate Education Committee

DATE:   September 13, 2004

RE:     URECA! Undergraduate Research Endeavors Competitive Awards

I am very pleased to announce continuation of the program designed to
stimulate undergraduate research with faculty mentoring (URECA!).  This
student-faculty research program is designed to stimulate students under
the guidance of faculty mentors, to incorporate research experience more
fully into undergraduate education, and provide incentives for students
and faculty who engage in meaningful research collaboration.

URECA! provides funding for research projects in all disciplines,
including the humanities, the social sciences, and the physical and life
sciences.  All full-time undergraduate students are eligible, and any
member of the UVM faculty may act as a mentor.  Research projects that are
associated with course credit may be eligible for URECA! funding if the
proposed project will provide a research component beyond what would
otherwise be done to earn course credit.

Students should submit an application cover page, a 2-3 page narrative
describing the nature of their research project, budget information, their
resume, an endorsement by the faculty mentor, and the faculty mentor's
c.v.  The proposal may be an extension of an existing research project or
one newly-developed for URECA!; students who have previously received
URECA! funds must detail how the proposed research differs from and/or
extends previously funded URECA! research.  Detailed information about the
application process, including guidelines, is available on the web at

Evaluation of proposals will be undertaken by the Faculty Senate Research,
Scholarship, and Graduate Education Committee.  Proposals will be
evaluated on the basis of quality, the value of the research experience
for the student and the record of the faculty member.  Students selected
for the program will each receive a $1,000 prize and research support up
to $3,000.  A detailed budget with full justification of all requested
research expenses is required.

Although the Faculty Senate Research, Scholarship and Graduate Education
Committee will evaluate the proposals and award the scholarships, the
Honors College will administer the application process and oversee
administration of the program. Any questions about the program can be
directed to the Honors College at 656-9100.  Application forms are
available on the web at
. Proposals are due by October 15, 2004.  Funding may be sought for either
Spring or Summer semester, 2005.