Pipits were also on top of Mt. Hunger on Saturday.

Matthew David Medler wrote:

>     As I walked out of work yesterday (20 Sept 2004), I heard the
>strident "pipit" call of an AMERICAN PIPIT.  I looked up to see first
>a single bird flying from a recently-cut cornfield, then another.
>And another.  Then a group of ten, followed by a group of twenty.
>Altogether, I estimated a loose flock of 50+ pipits.  These birds
>flew up from a field that is just south of the Vermont Teddy Bear
>parking lot.  Looks like I'll have to check the field more closely
>next month, for possible buntings, larks, and longspurs.
>     Also, while driving west on Ferry Road in Charlotte, I spotted a
>GREATER YELLOWLEGS flying north, near the Waldorf School.
>Good birding,
>Matt Medler
>Charlotte, VT

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