Hosted a yard sale on Saturday at our place at 262 Brigham Hill Road in Essex. Amidst some occasional merchandising and upselling, I had my binoculars trained to the sky above in hopes that the prior evenings cold front might trigger some broadwing movement.

At 9:50 the first broadie appeared overhead. By noon, I had counted over 190 BROAD WINGS, 2 adult BALD EAGLES, 3 OSPREY, 5 SHARP-SHINNED and a handful of other hawks. Every tiem I had a minute to put my glasses up, there ws another kettle (or tow or three). I can only imagine what I missed... Things seemed to die off dramatically after 1pm.

Highlights included one kettle of 40+ broadies swarming over the house with anotehr 20 or so feeding into it at other fed out. Also, showing a group of yard sale shoppers their first bald eagle as it flew over the house.

Wish I could be out there today/tomorrow!