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>Subject:      Re: alpine bindings on tele skis?
>The only differences between this TexMex model and
the alpine >downhill Rex
>version are:
>-- different name;
>-- difference graphics;
>-- supposedly the addition of a tele binding
retention layer; and,
>-- supposedly a more round flex pattern.

Not sure if this is true. I heard that the alpine
version had an additional layer. (but not from an
official source)

I rode the lift with a guy who had the TM:EX mounted
with Freerides. Loved them, (60+days) had no problem
with them, and was looking for another pair at end of
season sales. Watched him ski for a couple of hundred
feet and would call his skiing aggressive. So I've
seen it done successfully and it should make a good

He got me thinking because I love my TM:EX skis. Like
others on the list they have become my all around
telemark ski. Should I get a pair for Freeride
mounting, hmm.

But I think I love my Volkl Mountain's more and it is
about time for a new pair. A Tele/AT ski I have
mounted with Freerides, used as a hard
condition/bump/trail ski. These have morphed over the
last two years into the Norbert Joos and I see that
Volkl has added two more skis to the mountain line,
including a fat ski, hmmm.

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