Sorry for the off-topic, but I was curious if there were any listers who
were familiar with older cameras.  I did a quick search of the archive
for some of the key terms, and came up blank.

I'm not clueless on the subject, but not well-informed either.  My dad
recently gave me one of his old cameras, a 1957 Leica IIIg, with an
original lens (50mm f2 Summicron collapsible).  Everything is in
excellent condition and working order, I even shot a test roll of film
and the pictures look pretty darn good for a camera almost 50 years
old.  I used some cheap film I had leftover from at least 5 years ago,
and only had 1 hour processing / 3x5 prints, so the proof is not conclusive.

Now, I'm torn between wanting to use it, and not wanting to mess it
up... I do have a ballpark idea of what it's worth.  I almost wish I
either didn't know how valuable it was, or that it wasn't as valuable as
it is.  That way, I could use it without worry.

I've made a few contacts from my MINI lists, but the more, the merrier,
or something.


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