Eric wrote:

>On 09/07/04 02:14 PM, Dana Dorsett wrote:
>> Jonathan & my buddy Aaron has a pair of 177s mounted with Dynafit AT
>> bindings (and a pair of 184s mounted tele- go figure.)  I've skied the
>> 184s, find 'em rather truckly and imprecise as an on-piste ski, but bet
>> they shine in the heavy junk & mank.
>Interesting - I demoed a tele-mounted pair of TM:EXs
>(177 I think) last winter and found they were incredibly
>quick and nimble on-piste in paramark-mode.

Although skis now tend to come in far fewer sizes than in the old 5cm-
increment days, the characteristics between sizes can vary considerably. had an interesting note on this last fall:
reviews for some skis that had stayed entirely unchanged from the previous
season had suddenly gone from being kind of cumbersome to quite nimble.
What happened?
Shorter lengths were tested.

Anyway, I tried Aaron’s 177cm Texmex (or was it the Rex?) skis (as opposed
to the 184cm Dana tried) and found they were quite responsive.  Then again,
the whole setup was ridiculously light, since I was also borrowing his
Scarpa F1 boots and Dynafit TLT bindings (at Wachusett!).  And I had just
changed out of my Dobermanns and gs skis from the reeb league race, so
obviously not a scientific experiment.

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