Evan points us to:
>I'm not much of a nuclear energy buff, but even in broken English this
>story (and photos) were pretty captivating..

This meme started circulating in early March and was mentioned on this
list. In late May Xeni Jardin of posted the following about
the Chernobyl motorcycle ride. As Xeni says, whether true or partial
fabrication, the photos are indeed amazing:

"Girl Photoblogs Chernobyl on Motorcycle" thing a fraud?
Was <>this
story just another web hoax? Yes, says subscriber Mary Mycio on the
"<>e-POSHTA" Ukrainian
mailing list, re-posted on Neil Gaiman's website.
I am sorry to report that much of Elena's story is not true. She did not
travel around the zone by herself on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are banned
in the zone, as is wandering around alone, without an escort from the zone
administration. She made one trip there with her husband and a friend. They
traveled in a Chornobyl car that picked them up in Kyiv.

She did, however, bring a motorcycle helmet. They organized their trip
through a Kyiv travel agency and the administration of the Chornobyl zone
(and not her father). They were given the same standard excursion that most
Chernobyl tourists receive. When the Web site appeared, Zone Administration
personnel were in an uproar over who approved a motorcycle trip in the
zone. When it turned out that the motorcycle story was an invention, they
were even less pleased about this fantasy Web site.

Because of those problems, Elena and her husband have changed the Web site
and the story considerably in the last few days. Earlier versions of the
narrative lied more blatantly about Elena taking lone motorcycle trips in
the zone. That has been changed to merely suggest that she does so, which
is still misleading.

If so -- ah, well. C'est la web. The photos are still amazing.
(Thanks, <>chupacabra)

posted by Xeni Jardin at 08:44:27 AM

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