see and

Under Title I, II and III of the ADA, hospitals are
required, regardless of whether they have federal
financial assistance and are public or private, to
provide sign language interpreters. However, for
doctors in private practice, interpreters are not need
since writing on notes can suffice. Depending on which
lawyer's opinion is on. Hospitals' patient relations
office sometimes are at war with the business office
or the legal office over this.

Most hospitals in the D.C. area have contracts with
sign language interpreters agencies to provide sign
language interpreters. It might be expensive but
compare that to the ramps and brailled posts.
Washington, D.C. is home of Gallaudet University, a
deaf university.

Mike Yared

> Date:    Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:36:51 -0400
> From:    Jana Liebermann
> <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: sign language interpreter required?
> A hospital rep. called me to see if a sign language
> interpreter was legally
> required for a deaf patient.  My guess would be that
> it would be covered in
> ADA, but do you have more specifics?
> Thanks,
> Jana C. Liebermann, MLS, AHIP
> Policy Information Center Library
> Room 438F, HHH Bldg.
> 200 Independence Ave, SW
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