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I've been using Crispi CXPs for 3 seasons.  The stock liner is OK but I
got a custom thermo liner with a wrap around tongue.  Can't recall it's
name but they went out of business several years ago and my local alpine
shop gave me a good deal.  I wear a 9 street shoe and got the 26.  The
26.5 fit most comfortably in the shop but I allowed for pack out and glad
I did.  Maybe the shell is the same for 26 and 26.5 anyway.  I wear a 7
1/2 Scarpa.  The CXP skis like a big boot and it can drive a big ski like
a CMH phat.  I'd equate it with a T1.

I really like the Crispi flex.  I had a pair of original Terminators which
after 100 days or so I could finally flex on a warm day.  Those boots
created a whole generation of tippy toed tele skiers.  I use original T3s
w. thermo liners for backcountry because they are very light.  They flex
well but not as well as the CXPs.  Many people complain about toe pinch
with Crispis.  Foot shape can be the cause but FWIW I find that if my
stance gets spread out fore and aft into the dreaded "poodle" stance I get
some toe pinch.  I seldom do that anymore and I've never seen you do it.
I'll assume that you have demoed a Crispi at say the MRG telefest so you
know that it will fit OK.

IMHO the ideal tele boot has the same characteristics as an ideal ski -
torsionally stiff and longitudinally soft; i.e. a nice smooth forward flex
that allows you to keep the ball of the foot on the ski.

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