Matthew Kulas [[log in to unmask]] writes:

> Afterwork yesterday, I tried on a pair of 27.5 CXPs, and they felt
>wonderful, except for the stupid toe pinch.  Despite a wonderful fit
>in all other aspects, these wouldn't work.  I went back today at lunch
>and tried on a pair of Garas again--too darn uncomfortable.  I asked a
>clerk about trying on a more expensive Syner-G (Garmont), and the
>27.5, the same size as the Gara and CXP, felt pretty good.  Then Grizz
>walked by, "You should try the Syner-G Women's G-fit," and he went to
>get a pair.  He showed me the only difference between the men's and
>the women's was a removable underfoot shim in the liner.  I wore it
>around in the shop for a while, flexed it while standing in skis, etc.
> I tried on the 26.5, but, though the length was okay, it was just a
>bit too tight around the foot.
>So, anybody have anything especially good or bad to say about Garmonts
>and/or the Syner-G?  I'm looking for a boot that will handle agressive
>skiing in the woods, on steeps, but also be comfortable for touring
>and hiking, even an occasional multi-day trip.

Gee Matt, you Cinderella or just an ugly stepsister? :-)

If the G-Fit was even close you should thermo-mold 'em- they'll work!

And the CXPs would probably pack out enough for you in less than a day.

I have about 150 days on my Garmont Veloces, and yep, they're lookin' a
bit beat up, but I bet I could get another season out of 'em if I had

...but I don't. I picked up a pair of shiny new girl-CXPs last spring,
T-flexed 'em, snow tested 'em in July- sweet! I need to tweak the ramp
angle a bit though- seems a bit high in the heel internally- much higher
than the Veloce.

Both the CXP or the Syner-G will fill the bill for your needs- not too
heavy or stiff, but enough boot to bully around shorter skis in the
tree-slalom quite well. Don't plan on surfin' tight trees on 190cm
Xplosivs or 198cm TMEXs on 'em though.

Funny thing, serendipity gave me a pair of shiny new Excursions today
for ultralight trips (under $75 shipped to my door!) I guess I'll play
Imelda to your Cinderella! :-)

So many toyz, so little snow...


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