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> Jeez Leigh, I am kinda disappointed.  If we're talking international,
> shouldn't we set our sights on the real cheap and deep?  I think
> Bulgaria or Transylvania/Rumania would be a great option.  And, of
> course, there's no reason to rule out the ultimate cheap/deep/extreme:
> Kashmir and Afghanistan.  I do believe there is an operating
> (sometimes) area in Kashmir and I understand an Afghani warlord
> wants to start up a ski area (see FTO).  I'm sure he needs some slope
> testers.  Italy is for whoses.

I agree.  Italy IS for whoses; that's why they haven't won a war (against foreigners - NOT themselves)
since the 3rd Punic War ("Carthago delenda est"), excepting Mussolini's "triumph" over a firearm-lacking
Ethiopia in 1935.

But back to business...Jerm and I were curious about the Carpathian Mtns. (Romania's mountains -
Transylvania is actually a plateau) and Dinaric Alps (Slovenia, etc.), but both top out at under 9k'.

In Europe you need high altitude to guarantee snow coverage.  I'm not sure the Dinarics or Carpathians
[sic et sic] are high enough.

The Himilayas, OTOH, might offer high enough elevations to guarantee snow...

El Scorpion

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