TEO asked:

>So, anybody have anything especially good or bad to say about Garmonts
>and/or the Syner-G?

I bought the Ener-G at the beginning of last season because my black T-1's were
becoming painful on the top of my foot (above my ankle). I liked the
performance of my T-1's, but the pain was becoming too much to take, and I
thought a lighter boot would be better for touring. By the way, I solved the
toe pinch problem in these boots by duct-taping a piece of plastic on the top
of the liner above my toes. You might want to try that on the Crispi's in the
store if toe pinch is the only thing holding you back from buying those.

I downsized dramatically with the Ener-G because I didn't want any sloppiness in
the bumps. I take a size 10.5 in street shoe, and I went with a 27.5 in the
Ener-G. I found out that one of my feet is bigger than the other, which caused
the toes on my bigger foot to be in pain for much of last season until I
realized that if I replaced the rather thick footbed in the Ener-G with a
thinner footbed from of my running shoes, I gained lots of room around my toe.

Regarding performance of the Ener-G: I feel like the boots are still in their
break-in period because I didn't get to ski them much last season, but I have
concluded that the black T-1's are a better boot for aggresive turning because
there is more play in the bellows. I bottom out on the bellows in the Ener-G's
on deep turns. That being said, they certainly are a nice boot for parallel
turning and for turns without much knee bend, which is actually fine for me
because I'm approaching the age where that deep-knee bending telemark style is
just too much work. For touring I found them to be comfortable and surprisingly
light for the amount of boot.

I choose the Ener-G over the Syner-G because the latter just simply looked too
small for my type of skiing. But keep in mind that I was coming from the T1
(black). Of course I knew the Syner-G would be better for touring, but I go
touring mainly to get turns, so I wanted to optimize for that.

I am hoping that with these boots, like every other piece of new ski gear I
acquire, I at first think they were not as good as my previous pair but then
eventually get used to them and soon think they are the best.


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