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> Well hey, Sauber can't possibly get any worse.  Interesting the
> difference in team standings for BAR pre- and post- JV.

Well the started out better than McLaren.  And they're also light years better than the factory-back
Jaguar and Toyota teams.  Toyota's budget is supposed to be the largest in F1.  Next year will be the
first full season that Sauber will have been able to use their new wind tunnel.  Let's hope it brings an
even more competitive car!  With the Petronas engine - without a doubt the best engine in F1 - they
should be able to field a fast car once they get a chassis to match.

> We can only hope that JV is "hungry" again, because he sure didn't seem
> to push very hard during his last few seasons behind the wheel.

What, you couldn't hear JV's stomach rumbling all season long??

El Scorpion

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