Just a quick reminder, After tommorow I will divide up the budget money we have
for VMEAs between the 8 people who were on the list I emailed last night. After
Wednesday people who want to go who didn't tell me will be responsible for the
full amount [$40] on their own. Just some quick math....100/8=12.5....this
means that if no one else gets to me by tommorow night SGA will pay 12.50 for
the specified 8 people to go, leaving individuals to pay 27.50 for themselves,
which will be due to me on Monday the 18th. I know its been cheaper in the past
but thats because not so many people have gone. [It would have been cheaper if
we got our MENC memberships in on time, so keep that in mind for next year].

Also after tommorow night I will expect that the people who told me they want to
go are going and I will expect the money from you no later then the 18th.