We have been using Apple Airports for several years now.  We are using
them in Mac environments as well as where PC's dominate (our high school
and central office).  We've had no trouble printing through them from
any PC's that I'm aware of.  We've got a large number of XP machines and
they're having no problem with the older Airports and the Airport
Extremes.  At some point, someone mentioned Airport Expresses; we don't
have any of those so I'm not sure if there would be a problem there.

Have you put sp2 on those XP machines?   If so, the notorious firewall
may be interfering with your print jobs.


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The Airbases old and new both support Windows IP matter
the flavor of windows.

In predominately mac environments, we have PC laptops using IP
printing to HP LaserJets with no problems. At one point we even had
them printing across a bridged wireless connection.

Have you checked that bridging is turned on? Seem to remember that
with the older airports, this might have been necessary.

Jeff Everett
Orleans Central SU

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>>Are you using Appletalk printers? If your printers support IP
>>or emulate LPD then you should be able to see and print to them with
>>problem from windows.
>This is true for the ethernet, but not the wireless Airports!
>Rob Gervais
>Technology Coordinator
>Enosburg Graded School District
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