With yesterday's weather Rutland County Audubon's
scheduled red-tailed hawk watch instead turned
into a productive tour of the Champlain Valley.
11 people visited the usual hotspots with the
following results:

Dead Creek produced 2 northern harriers, 3
red-tailed hawks and 1 immature bald eagle. The
snow geese made a spectacular show as a large
group swirled in and landed near the viewing
area. One brant was also seen. In the Brilyea
area, 3 pied-billed grebes, 1 ring-necked duck
and 12 blue-winged teal were noted along with 2
great blue herons and a sharp-shinned hawk.

A turkey vulture hunched in an apple tree in
Addison added a nice Halloween feel to the day.

The Champlain Bridge added 3 common loon, 1
common merganser, 25 black scoter, 12
white-winged scoters, 10 mallards and 2
double-crested cormorants and 2 Bonaparte's

Tri-town Water Treatment gave us 2 common loons,
4 Bonaparte's gulls, 1 black-backed gull and 1
black-headed gull.

Arnold Bay in Panton produced 2 common loons, 94
common mergansers, 1 surf scoter as well as black
duck and mallard.

Charlotte Town Beach lived up to this week's
reputation with 3 common loon, 2 horned green, 15
black scoters, 1 black-bellied plover, 3 dunlins,
2 killdeer, 1 herring gull, 1 black-backed gull
and 7 Bonaparte's gulls.

Finally at Charlotte Ferry we added 86 Canada
geese, 11 buffleheads, 2 common mergansers, 5
common goldeneyes and 1 double-crested

Sue Elliott

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