We also
> saw a comical site at the end of
> Gage Road: Many oddly shaped snow geese in the field
> on the south side of the
> road at the very end turned out to be white plastic
> bags attached to sticks.
> Are these "decoys"? (And if so - are they intended
> to lure geese or birders?)

Hi Maeve Kim,

The field on the south side of the last stretch of
Gage Road before it ends is private land that is
leased by a hunting club. Last year on one day I drove
to the end of Gage Road to photograph geese flying out
of the refuge, when I was greeted by an angry hunter
who asked me to move as he said I was causing the
geese to flair away from his position.

White bags are said to work to decoy snow geese as
their nature on migration is to fly in large groups,
and when finding other geese to land with they
apparently select quantity over quality.

Stephen Lindquist