On reading the Scoter report this morning, Wally Jenkins and I took a
trip to Charlotte Beach to have a look.  The wind was blowing pretty
good, there were about 50 CANANDA GEESE on the shore, along with some
KILLDEER.  Plenty of RING BILLED GULLS were flying about, and 2 MALLARDS
made a pass through going north.  Since we were out, we decided to try
some other spots.   We headed to the Shelburne Beach where we found 6 or
so BUFFLEHEAD (all F) along the northern point.  On to Shelburne Bay
boat launch, where there were numerous MALLARDS, RING BILLED GULLS, and
quite a few BONAPARTE GULLS.

On a whim, we decided to swing by Shelburne Pond on the way home- and
here we really scored- There was a tight flock of approx. 75 BLACK
SCOTERS at the south end of the Pond.  We watched them fly back and
forth settling in different spots on the water, only to jump up again
every few minutes.  There were also a few MALLARDS on the pond.

Near the Charlotte Beach, we had some great views of a NORTHERN HARRIER
working a field near the road, and across from the entrance to Shelburne
Farms there was a flock of WILD TURKEYS, and a large, very healthy
looking Coyote.

Aaron Worthley

950 Bert White Road

Huntington, VT 05462


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