I am looking to keep my colleagues as current as possible on any changes,
updates etc to new drugs, side effects etc in the field of drugs and medical
devices.  I currently subscribe to the FDA alerts which I think are about
the fastest way to get information from the FDA.  I know there is supposed
to be the new big database with input from Pharma on side effects etc of
drugs.  I was under the impression though that this was mostly research and
it was going to be like wading through molasses in January in Maine to find
information.  What other sources should I be looking at to make sure I have
the most current, accurate, and reliable information for this type of

I have been looking at ePocrates which has something called docalert.  I
called the company and it doesn't seem like it will meet my needs.  I know
MdConsult also focuses on keeping up with drug updates.  I am not really
interested in Pharma business just the actual side effects, alerts, warnings
etc.  I will also look at emedicine, Medscape, micromedix, and maybe do a
Google search for just drug alerting services.  I think that these companies
just actually do what I do and just watch FDA and maybe some other Pharma
sources and then repackage the content.

I would really appreciate some input and I am thinking that librarians
especially at Pharmacy schools and Pharma companies might have some good

Also is there a comparable publication to Library Technology Reports that
looks at software used in the information business.  I know Info Today keeps
me up to date for a lot of things.  I wanted to actually check out the above
mentioned companies and see what has been written on them.

Thanks in advance for any information

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