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> People who were more informed and educated were more active in their
> community and used the Internet to conduct civic business, the
> researchers say. The more extroverted and educated people also believed
> more that they could have an effect on how things operate in their
> community.
> The findings support the theory of Stanford University scientist Albert
> Bandura, who has predicted that the Internet empowers people to make a
> difference in their community.

There will be a joint press conference in Chicago this coming Friday
featuring HUD Secretary Jackson and DOE Secretary Paige.  They will be discussing
their support for the innovative collaboration being forged between the Chicago
Housing Authority (the CHA Plan for Transformation) and the Chicago Public
Schools (Renaissance 2010) in the redevelopment of the South Side neighborhoods
that were dominated by CHA high rises.

The values of broadband, wireless and technology generally have not yet been
center pieces in the discussion - see, e.g. Philadelphia Wireless.  They will
surely be added to the conversation.  It's helpful to start, however, with
housing and education.  Important parts of inner city "villages."

If anyone would like some more expansive email messages on these Chicago
efforts, together with referenced links, send me an email.

Don Samuelson
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