Colleagues on Medlib-L, I am forwarding this from Liblicense-l.  I think
ALA/MLA and other U.S. library associations should join with our
European colleagues to show support and to protest another Elsevier

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Claudine Dervou wrote:

>Statement for the new pricing model of Elsevier for ScienceDirect
>The SELL (Southern European Libraries Link) declares its deepest concern
>for the new consortial pricing policy of science publisher Elsevier for
>their Mediterranean customers., Extortionate price increases as high as
>100%, unilateral changes in pricing ground rules involving non-previously
>subscribed titles, and new access limitations are deeply troubling. Not
>only are such financial demands beyond the ability of our academic
>communities to take on, but they raise the question of whether such an
>outrageous approach by Elsevier represents a serious, let alone a good
>faith, effort to negotiate contract renewals.
>We are equally concerned about ElsevierĘs new policy regarding perpetual
>access after the termination of an agreement which requires a substantial
>payment per downloaded article. This policy would result in consortia
>paying enormous amounts for material already purchased. Once again this is
>beyond all acceptable limits and we cannot consent to such a policy.
>And finally, we are concerned that what has been and should continue to be
>a mutually satisfactory and productive partnership between the academic
>producers of information and the sellers of that information appears to be
>breaking down to the strong disadvantage of both sides. By abandoning a
>consortial approach the academic community will have access to less
>information and Elsevier will face substantial declines in revenues. Once
>such a breech occurs it will not be easily or soon repaired. But, if
>Elsevier insists in charging so much for their products, we believe that,
>rather soon than later, we will be forced to abandon any type of
>cooperation or contractual relationship.
>Therefore, in the strongest possible terms we encourage Elsevier to
>reconsider their radical and disruptive proposals and return to the
>incremental pricing approach and use policies of their original consortial
>contracts in the Southern European region.
>Endorsed by:
>HEAL-Link (Greece)
>ANKOS (Turkey)
>CASPUR (Italy)
>CIBER  (Italy)
>CILEA  (Italy)
>INFER (Italy)
>CBUC  (Spain)
>UMIC (Portugal)
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