Dear Medlibbers,

I am at my wit's end.  For three months now (yes, three months) I have
been getting a Server 500 error whenever I try to access PubMed.  I have
tried a million work-arounds.  Searches are taking forever, if I can do
them at all.  It appears from the error message that the problem is
originating from NLM, but I told my IT department that if this was the
case, a million librarians would be on fire!  First they thought it was
our Hospital's firewall, then they thought it was a Microsoft patch that
had been installed Hospital-wide.  They are still working on it, but
there is a huge gap of time between each tested theory.  I cannot even
tell you how frustrating it is to get an error message every other

If you have ever, ever had this problem and you have found *the*
solution, please let me know...and please, don't tell me to clear my
cache, lower my privacy settings, or check out my proxy server.  Been
there, done that.


Still Amiable in Arlington
Amy S. Blaine MSLS
Virginia Hospital Center
Medical Library
1701 N. George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA  22205
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