Here is a summary of the responses I received.  Again I have created a work
grid and I will send it to anyone who asks.

Thanks everyone for your responses.

Something you might try is setting up a search in PubMed's Cubby, or using
one of the PubMed alert utilities (Biomail: or PubCrawler: to create a search for (GUIDELINE[TI] OR GUIDELINES[TI]
OR CONSENSUS[TI]).  Note that I'm not suggesting you do subject searches,
because the latest information in PubMed hasn't been indexed with MeSH yet.
The advantage to using the utilities is that these services will send you
emails weekly; with PubMed's cubby, you have to remember to run the search.
The advantage to using the Cubby, however, is that PubMed recognizes its own
items sooner than the utilities, which seem to be up to a week behind

( which, to my knowledge, searches the largest
collection of guidelines in the world (currently over 3,200 guidelines).  It
includes the NGC collection as well as the Canadian Guidelines Infobase, the
UK's NeLH Guideline Finder as well as numerous other collections.

Its a subscription site but a non-subscriber is allowed 5 free searches per

I like to use SIGN Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) as
well as Cochrane.

You could store the following search in Cubby and review the new items that
appeared (I would think records for Cochrane publications would be

("consensus development conference"[Publication Type] OR "consensus
development conference, nih"[Publication Type] OR "guideline"[Publication
Type] OR "meta analysis"[Publication Type] OR "practice
guideline"[Publication Type] OR "review, academic"[Publication Type]) 

Of course, none of the terms in the search strategy would appear in
pre-MEDLINE records, so you would end up waiting for the fully indexed
MEDLINE records to appear, but that might be quicker than waiting for
something to appear in NGC

POEMs (essentially, a massive primary-care oriented journal club) are freely
provided, have been since 1996, and about 1/3 of the qualifying studies are
drug-info related.  Many of ePocrates "DocAlerts" are POEMs...they
re-publish about 6 POEMs a month, but there are actually 30-35 POEMs per
month, on average.

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