At 07:32 AM 10/20/2004, telenaut wrote:
>Game 7?
>(Almost) wouldn't have it any other way.
>As I and many others on both psychic sides of Hartford said last year, this
>_is_ the world series. Except it didn't feel like it 3 games ago.

Tru dat!

>And Nick, it's called baseball. It's a game. You try to win.
>Did the umps make the right call? Yeah, probably--not so much based on what
>the word "malicious" in the rulebook actually means (I don't think you can
>make a case that A-Rod was trying to hurt Arroyo) as on precedent.

Gotta agree completely here.  A-Rod's move was pure cheese.  But
despicable?  Not hardly.  Know what would have been despicable?  A few
Yankee bunts down towards the mound that forced Schilling to make plays on
his injured ankle.  Which they very well could have done, and didn't.

Props to the umps, who finally seem to see the light that they can be
(largely) replaced by technology and have chosen to make extra efforts to
get the calls right.  Two tough ones last night, and they did the right
thing.  Props also to the Yankees crowd, who couldn't see what we all saw
on those calls, and actually reacted to both with more restraint than they
might have.  Dare I say, with more restraint than would have been on
display in Fenway.

And major props to both the Yanks and the Sox, who are playing beautiful,
dramatic, exciting, epic baseball.

What a series!!  I am holding my breath.

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